Daily Archives: April 28, 2016

Why We Ride

Limestone Canyon photo 1So why do we ride?  What is it about our sport that gives us that feeling of anticipation and excitement right before you hit the trail?  We all have different reasons for riding of course, but there are definitely a lot of commonalities out there that we share.  If you love to mountain bike, then surely you must love the outdoors!  Otherwise you can ride a machine in the gym and that would be your workout, but I don’t think a lot of us want that type of riding experience.

There is no feeling like being on top of a ridge or peak and soaking the environment around you.  There is no feeling like breathing in clean, crisp, morning air when you hit the trails early.

Finding beauty in the outdoors is one grate reason we ride mountain bikes.

Finding beauty in the outdoors is one great reason we ride mountain bikes.

The beauty of the outdoors makes us appreciate mother nature and turns us into good stewards of the land.  Then why are we not taking the time to enjoy it?

Snow Summit Loop Main photoI’m sure I don’t speak for everyone, but I can attest to charging a trail or loop non-stop for the entire ride, focusing on my speed and time, and not necessarily the beauty around me.  There is nothing wrong with stopping and taking photos of the scenery once in a while!

When I take new riders out with me, we always stop to rest and soak in our surroundings.  It is part of the appeal of mountain biking.  There is nothing like exercising in the outdoors and enjoying the natural gifts that our earth provides to us.

Bonelli Park is also a venue for the Kenda Cup XC race, which just took place on March 12th. The Bike this Trail crew was there to check out the event and cheer on the racers! Take the time to capture the moment, whether it be a selfie, group photo, or a scenic landscape shot.

Enjoy your surroundings and appreciate the privilege we have to be in the great outdoors.   Our everyday lives keeps us moving at a fast pace, so use our sport as a way to unwind and re-charge the mental and physical batteries.