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Knee Guard Protection

Most of the scars on my legs were acquired in my early days of mountain bike riding. Since then, I’ve developed a pretty good set of riding skills however, crashing and falling off our bikes is going to be inevitable at some point. In my years of riding, I have been fortunate not to sustain a serious injury, but scrapes, cuts and bruises are things I will live with. One of our BikethisTrail.com riding buddies is so fearful of getting hurt, that he takes the down-hills with extreme caution. He is the only wage earner in his family so it is important for him to stay healthy so he does not miss work. That’s a pretty good reason if you ask me.


We can mitigate injury by focusing on good technique and not riding beyond our means outside your comfort zone. There are also tons of protective gear to absorb the punishment in case of a crash. One of my least favorite injuries is scrapes directly on the knees. This common injury may not bother many of you, but for me, it almost ruins my ride. That is why I always wear knee protection every time I ride. If the trail calls for technical riding, then I’ll throw on my elbow pads as well, but knee pads have become a part of my regular riding attire, no matter where I’m riding.


The brand Fox has a variety of knee/shin gear, with prices ranging from$ 19.99 and up. At the lowest price point, I like Fox’s Racing Titan Sport knee/shin guards. They have saved my knees numerous times and stayed in functional condition for a good 4-5 years. They feel a little bulky but not to the point where they feel uncomfortable. The protection is worth it though. Eventually the straps became stretched out, but I went and bought me another pair for only $19.99!


In time, I decided I wanted comfort as well as functionality, so I purchased a pair of G-Form Pro X knee pads. These slide up to the knee and I actually forget I’m wearing them! That is how comfortable they are. The pad has this technology where the rubber becomes hard on impact, which is what makes them comfortable. I have experienced one crash with these on and my knees were saved from injury. These pads tend to retail for around $69.99.
You have many choices to choose from when it comes to protective gear, and your local gear retailer can address all of your questions. My knees are a fan of Fox and G-form so I thought I would share my experiences with you.