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    Holy Jim Trail- Trabuco Canyon

    Getting to the Holy Jim Trailhead is an adventure itself, as you have 5 miles of dirt road to get through before arriving to the Holy Jim parking section. The first 3 miles are generally smooth, but the last 2 is full of rocks, ruts, and bumps. A truck, Jeep or 4×4 vehicle is handy here. However, we arrived there in my Civic so it can be done! (just really slow). The first 1.4 miles of this ride is relatively shady. There are several creek crossings to get through, but by the time you reach the 1.4 mile trail marker, you will begin climbing to the Main Divide rd. This is all sun exposure. Once you arrive to Main Divide, you have approximately 7 miles of more tough climbing to go through. The Trabuco tral is on your right at the 12.5 mile section, and there is a metal fence to clue you in once you get there. The descent is full of rock gardens but is not terribly technical. The last section smooths out and eventually ends at Trabuco road. Enjoy this last section as you make your way back to your car.