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This ride embodies beauty, toughness, and biking skills, as you traverse Aliso Wilderness, climb up Cholla trail, and descend Rock It. The Coyote Run trail is a blast to ride, and you can even stop by Dripping Caves trail for some cool pics and a piece of history.



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Driving Directions

5 Frwy & 73 Toll Road, exit La Paz Road and head West
Enter the park on the right and head right just as you enter. Make another right on Shelters 1 & 2 towards the tennis courts. Drive towards the end and park on the right.
Parking fees: $3 per vehicle entry Monday – Friday; $5 Saturday – Sunday

Ride directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

After you gear up, you will need to cross the street to enter the park. There is crosswalk light so you don’t have to play “frogger” with traffic. You will notice the trailhead right across the street as you approach it. Enter here. This part of the ride is incredibly scenic and a great warm up.

1.20- You will reach a paved section. Head right. In a few yards you will reach a paved street, with a single-track running parallel to it. Of course, take the single-track and head left!

2.70- You will enter Aliso Woods Trail on your right. You will ride for approximately 3 miles before you reach Cholla. This section is relatively easy to cruise, but be careful of hikers and joggers. This part of the park is very popular.

4.70- Begin your ascent on Cholla trail. It is a tough climb, but thankfully a short one. The most challenging section is about 50 yards before reaching the top, which consists of a rocky formation. Stay towards your right of this formation (trail leads you there) and you should be able to clear it.

5.08- The climbing is over! Make a left and ride for about ½ mile.

5.69- The Rock It trail-head is on your left. Enter and begin your fun descent. The trail starts wide, but will soon narrow into a single-track. The trail widens when you reach a flowing formation of rock and boulder, which can easily be cleared. It may take a couple of tries to descend it with confidence, but if you descend with control, you will have no issues. Experienced riders and charge it!

6.97- You have one last, fast descent as you leave Rock It and reach Coyote Run trail at the bottom. Head right into this shady section of the loop. There is one short but steep section to clear as you ride Coyote Run, and if you gear down on time, you should be able to clear it.

7.80- Make a left at the creek where Coyote Run ends, and head back to Aliso Woods trail. On Aliso Woods, make a right and retrace your ride back to your car for approximately 3 miles. However, in about .30 miles, you will notice Dripping Caves trail on your right. This section is optional, but a must see. It’s some cool cave formations where apparently the criminals of the 19th century would hide out.

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