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Ride Description

The Northeastern part of Chino Hills State Park is home to some terrific mountain biking. This entrance to the park was closed for over a year while upgrades and improvements were made to the road. What’s nice about it is that it provides a paved road for vehicles to drive in, but a good chunk of the original Bane Canyon dirt road was left intact, which runs parallel to the road. This loop has a nice combination of fun singletrack with most of your climbing in the first mile of the loop.

You have lots of loop options in this section of the park, which can be tailored from the beginner to advanced rider. This particular loop will take you to the Sidewinder trail, and loop back around to Bane Canyon Rd for a quick ride/workout.



Distance: 6.47 mi
Time: 52:00
Avg Speed: 7.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 764 ft
Calories: 445 C
Avg Temperature: 93.8 °F

Driving Directions

From the 91 freeway, catch the 71 north. Drive approximately 7 miles and exit Soquel Canyon Rd. Make a left and at 1.1 miles turn left on Elinvar. Drive towards the end of the street where it makes and park. Trailhead (Bane Canyon Rd) is on right side.

Parking is free on the street. You also have the option of driving into Bane Canyon Rd to the campgrounds for a small entrance fee.

Trail Directions

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Enter Bane Canyon Rd. The ride begins with a steady climb right from the beginning.

.52- Make a right on Bane Canyon Ridge. This trail will take you to the top and continue back down into Bane Canyon Rd. We don’t want to come back down to Bane Canyon Rd so make sure you make a right when you arrive at the intersection at the top.

.98- You have reached the top of Bane Ridge and arrived at an intersection. Bane Ridge trail continues straight and it is clearly marked. You want to head right instead and descend towards a tower. The Sidewinder trail is accessed from down there and it is on the right side of the circle you entered.

Continue on Sidewinder for the next 1-mile. It is by no means technical, but instead a smooth and fast ride through the canyon. This is one of the main highlights of this loop. The trail ends at Upper Alyso Trail.

2.12- Make a left on Upper Alyso and pick up the pace. The trail is even, well-kept and conducive for speed. It will take you into Rolling M Ranch, which is an equestrian staging center. There are facilities available so it is a great place to stop for a rest. If you don’t want to stop, continue on the road, which is paved at this point (it is actually Bane Canyon Rd). As you are making your way towards Lower Alyso trail, you will notice Telegraph and South Ridge Roads on your right side. These two trails will take you to the other side of Chino Hills State Park (Carbon Canyon). Don’t turn in there but continue going up.

3.3- Enter the Lower Alyso single track straight ahead. You will cruise along for about ½ mile until it connects with Lower Alyso rd. Right before you exit this single track though, there are some low hanging branches that will require you to duck low as you ride under. The trail immediately climbs for a very brief moment as you exit the trail so charge on through. Make a left.

3.7- Left on Lower Alyso rd until it ends on Bane Canyon Rd

3.9 – Right on Bane Canyon Rd. It’s paved at this point.

4.2- You will notice the original Bane Canyon dirt rd on your left side. We prefer to ride this but of course, you can also ride the paved road back. There is more climbing and elevation on the pavement so knock yourself out if you wish. The dirt road will eventually end and put you back on the pavement at around the 6-mile mark. Ride back down to your car and watch for oncoming vehicles. It’s all downhill so be mindful of your speed and use caution.

End- 6.47

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