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Ride Description

You can look forward to 8 miles of climbing to the top of Black Star, but coming back down is the fun part.  The scenery is great as this ride is deep in the Santa Ana Mountains.  There is a lot of history in this canyon, which adds to the allure of this ride.  Some claim that this area is haunted. However, we have yet to encounter anything out of the ordinary.  Just a great ride!



Distance16.65 mi
Time: 2:05:33
Avg Speed: 8.0 mph
Elevation Gain: 2,480 ft
Calories: 1,366 C
Avg Temperature: 68.1 °F

Driving Directions

– Exit Chapman off 55 frwy and head 5.2 miles
– Chapman becomes Santiago Canyon Road, stay straight
– Black Star Canyon Road, turn left at 10.5 miles
– Drive to end of the road


– Exit Santiago Canyon Road off 241/261 toll roads and head 5.2 miles
– Black Star, turn left at 5.2 miles
– Drive to end of the road

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

Start at trail head and cross gate.  This section of the ride is paved.

Trail heads left and begins ascending.  On the right is a small trail that leads down to the creek, which leads to Blackstar Canyon Waterfalls.  That is another ride/hike though.

At approximately five miles, you will ride along Hidden Valley.  Keep climbing

You’ve reached Beek’s Point (cabin ruins). Keep climbing towards Doppler.

Top of Doppler. Turn back and head back down for 8 miles of descending.

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