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Ride Description

Bonelli park in San Dimas is a multi recreational park that offers camping, boating, hiking, golfing, and of course, mountain biking. It is adjacent to Raging Waters, and it is quickly accessible from any county. There are approximately 9 miles of trail network in our featured loop, most of which circles around the lake and the park. There are also plenty of trails to ride within the center of the park itself if our loop keeps you wanting for more. Be advised that this ride is all sun exposure, and there is plenty of climbing to keep your legs pumping. San Dimas can be a scorcher in the summer so get there early and bring plenty of hydration to avoid heat related injury. There are trail maps available on their website, with trail names, but you will notice signs that only state “Bonelli Park”. Follow these and you’ll be fine. The general idea is to loop around the park in a clockwise motion.

Winter hours: October-February, Sunrise to 7pm
Summer Hours: March-September, Sunrise to 9pm
(no entry charge on non-holiday weekdays Nov. – Feb.)



Distance: 9.01 mi
Time: 1:45:02
Avg Speed: 5.1 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,598 ft
Calories: 738 C
Avg Temperature: 82.2 °F

Driving Directions

From the 57 Freeway exit Via Verde and turn left into park

From the the 10 & 210 freeways connect to the 57 freeway and exit Via Verde

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

As you drive into the park, head towards the parking area on the left. The trail begins behind the parking section across the street. Enter and go straight.

.34. Go through tunnel and up on single-track.

1.14 left at fork after descent from one mile mark. Begin climbing. 1.96. Right at fork and descend. If you go straight up, it will eventually dead end. Great for extra effort!

2.19 right at fork. Remember clockwise?

2.29 left and up towards gate. Go right.

2.50 Cross street and head left. Enter trail and switch left after a few yards.

2.84 left by dam. Climb.

3.0 left on paved street and enter trail on right.

3.1 switch left when trail forks.

3.40. You will see Bonelli park signage. Enter single-track. Easy flat riding.

4.34 right where trail ends. Follow Bonelli Park sign marker.

4.56 head left towards creek and cross. Nothing technical here.

5.33 when you are by the airport, head straight and make right just below a mountain with a short but steep climb. If you decide to climb it, it dead ends.

5.5 left and climb fire road

6. Keep climbing. You will pass Corkscrew trail on right.

6.30 descend and go through the tunnel.

6.50 from here, descend and go left through valley. Ride the fire road, which has plenty of climbing, and finally descend back to the parking area.

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Winter hours: October-February, Sunrise to 7pm Summer Hours: March-September, Sunrise to 9pm (no entry charge on non-holiday weekdays Nov. - Feb.)

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