Crystal Cove II- Newport Coast

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Ride Description

This is another great loop within the Crystal Cove State Park system. It’s a cruise down into the Deer Canyon picnic tables, with some steep climbing throughout the ride. One of the highlights is tearing down Mach One into Moro Canyon, and some technical descents on Rattlesnake.



Distance: 9.06 mi
Time: 1:17:10
Avg Speed: 7.0 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,414 ft
Calories: 798 C
Avg Temperature: 68.2 °F

Driving Directions

From the 55 freeway, catch the 73 south and exit Macarthur blvd. Stay on it for 2.4 miles. Make a left on San Joaquin Hills Rd and drive 2.6 miles until you get to Newport Coast Dr. Make a right and about a block down the street, make a left on Park Ridge. Go up about 1.5 miles and park. The trailhead is straight ahead.

Parking Info- I enter from Park Ridge where it’s free to park. If you enter from main gate at PCH, parking is like $10.

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

Enter the trail and go down the steps. Stay straight on the unnamed road/trail and cruise for 1.5 miles.

1.5- Left on Ticketron. Notice the post with map of the park. This is a fun and smooth descent on singletrack. In about a 1/ 2mile you will pass some cool cave formations on your right.

2.4- You have reached the Deer Canyon Picnic tables. Begin the steep but brief climb up to Rattlesnake.

2.6- You have reached the top of this climb and now make a right into Rattlesnake. This is a great singletrack with some technical and rocky areas towards the end of the trail.

3.9- Head right on No Name Ridge and ride the trail for about a mile.

4.9- Make a left on Mach One. It is a straight, clean descent into the canyon and you will pick up intense speed. Mach One takes you into Moro Canyon where you will make a left.

5.2- Left on Moro Canyon. The elevation will increase with some brutally steep climbing. Strong climbers will be able to easily clear this section.

6.7- left on Slow and Easy and continue climbing until you get to the Fenceline trail on your left.

7.9- Stay on Fenceline until you get to Red Tail Ridge Rd. Make a right at 8.3.

8.3- Make a right to get to Bommer, which is a few yards away. At Bommer make a left and head back to the car.

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