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Ride Description

Although it’s an urban trail, the Fullerton Loop is one of our favorite places to ride. It provides enough climbing and downhill activity, and is a great after work ride. The whole loop is about 11 miles and takes you through various parks in the city, as well as a jaunt along a golf course. It’s a trail that is popular amongst joggers, hikers, bikers and equestrians, so be mindful when riding this loop.


Beginner/Intermediate- Has a little bit of everything. Nothing extensive.

Distance: 11.68 mi
Time: 1:18:55
Avg Speed: 8.9 mph
Elevation Gain: 925 ft
Calories: 645 C Avg
Temperature: 78.9 °F

Driving Directions

-exit Harbor off 91 frwy and head North 2 miles
-Berkeley, turn left
-Park on left in court house parking

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

Enter Juanita Cook trail. You will cross a couple of streets.

.76 left on Hiltscher

1.06. Cross street and take single track towards the left. You can also elect to ride the wider road on the right but the single track is more fun!

1.7. Cross Euclid st and head left towards trail. It’s a quick descend followed by a short steep climb. Stay straight as you ride through the neighborhood until you get to Bastanchury.

2.26 right on Bastanchury.

2.39. At Valencia/Warbuton make a left and follow train tracks on your right.

2.73 left on Park and enter dirt trail.

3.27 ride through Virgil Grissom park and stay on paved trail.

3.69. Cross street and briefly climb to be followed by a descent.

3.94. Cross street and enter trail for a fast descent.

4.20. As you exit this section stay towards left and pick up trail. It’s both paved and also has a dirt trail. Runs along Rosecrans.

5.06 right on Castlewood trail. Continue on trail. Moderate climb followed by a short steep climb.

5.74 after a short climb over tree roots head left at the Y and begin a short climb. Some descents will follow.

6.28. Cross Gilbert st and head straight

6.54. Enter Nora Kuttner park on left. A short steep climb awaits. You can look forward to a fast and flowing descent afterwards.

7.3 exit on Euclid from descent and make left towards Laguna.

7.5. Right on Laguna and enter park on left. Follow all the way and enter Laguna park

8.19. Right on Juanita cook. After you pass a gate you can catch a singletrack on your right for additional fun.

8.8. Pass bridge and make left down towards train tracks. Head right and follow until you can make a right

9.08. Head right and stay right for a few yards. Across the street on your left is the trail entrance. Ride along the golf course.

9.60 Ride under the bridge and stay towards left on trail.

10.1 When reaching the Dam area make a left and climb. Head right for last climb of ride. You can elect to catch a short trail on your left and descend back to your last climb.

10.06. Catch any of the trails that descend from here to get you back down to Harbor st. Make left on Harbor and ride back to your car.

Fullerton Loop Bike Trail Map



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