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Trail Description

Getting to the Holy Jim Trailhead is an adventure itself, as you have 5 miles of dirt road to get through before arriving to the Holy Jim parking section. The first 3 miles are generally smooth, but the last 2 is full of rocks, ruts, and bumps. A truck, Jeep or 4×4 vehicle is handy here. However, we arrived there in my Civic so it can be done! (just really slow). The first 1.4 miles of this ride is relatively shady. There are several creek crossings to get through, but by the time you reach the 1.4 mile trail marker, you will begin climbing to the Main Divide rd. This is all sun exposure. Once you arrive to Main Divide, you have approximately 7 miles of more tough climbing to go through. The Trabuco tral is on your right at the 12.5 mile section, and there is a metal fence to clue you in once you get there. The descent is full of rock gardens but is not terribly technical. The last section smooths out and eventually ends at Trabuco road. Enjoy this last section as you make your way back to your car.



Distance: 17.71 mi
Time: 4:14:07
Avg Speed: 4.2 mph
Elevation Gain: 3,622 ft
Calories: 1,632 C
Avg Temperature: 87.8 °F

Driving Directions

– From the 55 freeway,
– exit Chapman Ave and head east. At 5.4 miles Chapman becomes Silverado Canyon Rd.
– Live Oak Canyon, turn left at Cook’s Corner
– at 16.8 miles, turn left onto dirt road just past General Store and drive 5 miles to trail head

Parking Fee- Annual Forest Pass can be purchased at General Store.

Trail Directions

Begin from the Holy Jim parking area. The ride begins with a tiny climb and then takes you through a small section lined with cabin homes.

.55 After about 1/2 mile of riding, you will officially enter the Holy Jim Trailhead. There are several creeks to cross through, which will require you to dismount and carry your bike.

1.40- You will reach a fork in the road with a trail marker. Make a left and head up towards the Main Divide. This is where the climbing begins. There are also quite a few switchbacks to get through as you make your way up.

Side note- If you go straight another 1/4 mile at the fork, you will end up at Holy Jim waterfalls. This is a great hiking destination and perfect for family exertions.

5.1- After some good climbing, you will have reached the Main Divide road. Make a right. Take the time to fuel up and hydrate as you have 7 miles of tough riding to reach Trabuco trail. Although the initial stretch of this trail will take you on a descent, you can look forward to a lot of climbing thereafter. At 6.9 you will pass Indian Truck Trail on your left, which takes you into Corona, and Horsethief Trail at 9.93 on your right. You can also descend down Horsethief, which will also take you back to Trabuco Rd and back to your car.

12.5- Make a right into Trabuco Trail. It’s approximately 5 miles back to your car from here so enjoy the downhill. This trail is full of rock gardens and tends to be a little on the rough side. It does smooth out towards the latter part of the trail and it is definitely a must ride for single-track lovers

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