Laguna Canyon Wilderness I- Laguna Canyon

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Trail Description

Laguna Wilderness Park is adjacent to Crystal Cove and is another fantastic destination when you want to escape the inland heat. This loop starts with a steep climb for the first 1/2 mile and then becomes more manageable as you continue to make your way up to Bommer. It also incorporates some of the best single-tracks within the area as you traverse into Crystal Cove. The most technical section is when you are entering the Lizard trail, and it is a treat to ride. There is more climbing afterwards but you end the ride by descending back down Willow to your car. Use caution as you are making your way down as the trail is popular with hikers and other bikers making their way up.



Distance: 6.42 mi
Time: 52:57
Avg Speed: 7.3 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,066 ft
Calories: 557 C
Avg Temperature: 64.9 °F

Driving Directions

5 Frwy South
CA-133/Laguna Frwy, head SW 7 miles
Turn right into parking lot just past El Toro Road

5 Frwy North
El Toro Road-Exit, head SW 4.5 miles
Laguna Canyon Road, turn left
Turn right into parking lot

405 Frwy South/North
CA-133/Laguna Frwy, head SW 6.5 miles
Turn right into parking lot just past El Toro Road

Trail Directions

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Begin the climb on Willow. It starts out steep but eases up after about ½ mile. Continue until approximately 1.4 miles.

1.4 -You will see 2 trail entrances to your right. Ignore these and continue straight for one more short climb.

1.5- Make a right on Bommer.

1.7- Veer left and continue on Bommer until you reach the entrance to Crystal Cove Park.

1.9- Enter Crystal Cove Park on your left and continue.

2.1 After one last short but steep climb, head right on singletrack and continue a short ascend to the Missing Link trail.

2.15- Descend missing link. It’s a bit rocky initially, but soon smooth’s out for a fast and windy ride.

2.6- Continue on Fenceline Trail until you reach Red Rock Rd and make a right. Another quick right puts you back on Bommer.

3.10- Right on Bommer.

3.23- Go left on unmarked singletrack. Known as Lizard Trail. This is the highlight of this ride. Starts of a bit technical but once you reach the bottom section, the singletrack smooth’s out. The next part of the ride is a blast as you traverse the woodsy and shady areas of this trail.

4.45- Trail ends and make a right. You will encounter a steep but short climb. Continue riding and climbing the rest of the way until you are back on Willow.

4.93- Make a left and bomb down the trail until you are back to the beginning of the trailhead.

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