Laguna Canyon Wilderness II - Laguna Canyon

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Trail Description

Just like Laguna Wilderness I, this ride is quick and to the point. This loop takes us to the newly developed Stagecoach trail, which has only been around for a couple of years. It’s a nice flowing trail that eventually climbs through a series of switchbacks. There is plenty of climbing to be had, but there are plenty of sections that will have you descending and picking up speed. It also ends with a 1.5 mile descent down Willow back to your car. Use caution on the way down and be aware of hikers and ascending bikers.



Distance: 5.97 mi
Time: 52:37
Avg Speed: 6.8 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,004 ft
Calories: 571 C
Avg Temperature: 71.5 °F

Driving Directions

5 Frwy South
CA-133/Laguna Frwy, head SW 7 miles
Turn right into parking lot just past El Toro Road

5 Frwy North
El Toro Road-Exit, head SW 4.5 miles
Laguna Canyon Road, turn left
Turn right into parking lot

405 Frwy South/North
CA-133/Laguna Frwy, head SW 6.5 miles
Turn right into parking lot just past El Toro Road

Trail Directions

Enter Laurel Canyon on your right

.32 The trail splits. Enter Stagecoach towards your right.

.81 Continue on Stagecoach as you begin climbing a series of switchbacks

1.82 Left on Camarillo. It starts out wide and open, but soon narrows and back to more climbing. Some sections may require you to hike a bike.

2.3 Trail curves to the right as you begin a 1/2 mile climb.

2.8 Left on Serrano.

3.32 After some brief climbing, descend Serrano and ride under the highway. Left on Upper Laurel

3.97 Right on Laurel Spur and climb. Some steep but brief climbing.

4.46 Left on Willow and descend back to your car.

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