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Ride Description

Not long ago, we wrote about using different resources for discovering new places to ride. This featured loop, which has quickly become a favorite of ours, was recently spotlighted in the monthly publication that AAA (Auto Club of So Cal) sends to its Members. The article actually focused on the fun things to go do in the city of La Verne, and a short blurb on Marshall Canyon was mentioned. It described it as a lush and shade filled canyon for most of it’s 5 miles, making it a great ride during those crazy hot days! A river runs through it, so there are a few sections where you can ride through the water. Marshall Canyon also connects to Claremont Wilderness Park, which was voted one of the best places to hike in Riverside Co a couple of years ago by the Press Enterprise! Most of the ride is a gradual but easy ascend, but it gets a little bit steeper during the last 2 miles. As you make your way up the trail, you will notice several offshoot single-track trails, which link back up to Marshall. You can explore these, or just stay on the main trail. At the 5 mile marker, you have the option of including the Claremont Wilderness Park loop, which adds another 4.5 miles to your ride.



Distance: 13.94 mi
Time: 2:06:00
Avg Speed: 6.6 mph
Elevation Gain:
Calories: 1,137 C
Avg Temperature: 89.4 °F

Driving Directions

Take the 210 frwy and exit Foothill Blvd.. Stay straight for a few hundred yards and then make a left on Wheeler Avenue. Destination is on your right side past Elementary School.

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

Start at Oak Mesa Park. It is right next to an Elementary school.

Follow the paved sidewalk, which divides the park and the school. This will take you to the dirt trail. On your right you will notice a bridge. Take that and follow it to the street, which is Los Robles. Go right and at the end of the street, make a right on Via Mansion and an immediate left on Orangewood. The trailhead is about 80 yards down on your left side.

.05- You will notice that the trail splits in this area. Stay to the left. If you go up on the right, it leads to a neighborhood. Continue riding for the next 2 .5 miles. As you make your way along Marshall Canyon Trail, you will briefly ride along a golf course pass an old horse stable.

3.0- The trail T-bones and you can only go left or right. Go left. A few feet away, you will see 2 trails to enter. Either one will put you on Marshall Canyon trail, but we prefer the one on the left, as it is a well maintained fire road that begins an ascend. The option on your right is best when descending as some parts are pretty sandy.

4.6- Notice Calbot trail on your right as you continue climbing the fire road. Make note of it because it will be a part of your descent when coming back down.

5.0- You have reached the end of Marshall Canyon trail. You have the option of including the Claremont loop if you wish, or you can turn and go back down. If you include the Claremont loop, we recommend heading right instead of following the trail straight ahead of you. If you go right, you will descent 3 miles. At the bottom, make a left and climb approximately 1.5 miles back to Marshall Canyon trail. Or if you want to climb some more, go straight to descend 1.5 miles and climb up 3. Your call!

The ride back down Marshall Canyon is fast and fun! .5 mile into your descent, you can take Cobalt trail for a short single-track descent. Parts of the trail are sandy as you make your way down, but it is very manageable. The landscape is fantastic, and at one point, you will see trees covered in green moss, which makes for a beautiful sight. Cobalt trail ends and connects you back on Marshall.

As you continue your descent, you can opt to take the single-tracks off Marshall Canyon trail, as they put you right back on the main trail. One of these single-tracks will put you by a water tower, which is along Marshall Canyon trail. We discovered it is better stay on the main one, as it maintained better.

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