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Ride Description

The first time a buddy took me mountain biking, it was at Peter’s Canyon.  It is truly one of the best places to get a taste of the sport because it has a little bit of everything.  There are nice, scenic trails to spin through.  It has both small and steep climbs, but nothing extensive.  There are a few fast descents, rolling ridges, and the entire loop is approximately 6 miles.  To this day, whenever I introduce someone new to the sport, Peters Canyon is the choice trail.  However, riders of all levels will enjoy this trail because you can blast your way through it, climb “big red” without bonking out, or add nearby Santiago Oaks if you want to extend your ride.  One disclosure about Peter’s Canyon is that it is extremely popular among hikers, runners, and bikers so be careful as you traverse your way around this loop.


Beginner/Intermediate- Has a little bit of everything. Nothing extensive.

Distance: 5.61 mi
Time: 37:11
Avg Speed: 9.0 mph
Elevation Gain: 564 ft
Calories: 402 C
Avg Temperature: 74.4 °F

Driving Directions

From the 5 freeway, exit Tustin Ranch Rd and head east. Make a left and continue for 2.7 miles until you reach Pioneer. Make a left on Pioneer and make a quick right at the end of the street. Continue until you see Peters Canyon Dr and make a left. Peters Canyon Rd ends and the trailhead is ahead

Parking Fee- none

Trail Directions

Enter Peter’s Canyon bikeway.

.35 Enter trailhead and begin in Lower Peters canyon.

1.96 left on single track trail and descend.

2.06 Left on Canyon road and enter single track a few yards on your left.

Cut across parking lot and continue on Lakeview.

2.8 Stay towards left on Y and continue along.

3.0 Left on Lakeview. A short but steep climb awaits, followed by a quick descent. The descent is fast so use your momentum to climb back up to the ridge.

3.4 A few yards ahead you will descend a trail on your right.

3.7 Back on Canyon trail. Avoid Big Red and stay straight for a few feet and enter Gnatcatcher on left for brief climb.

4.1 Continue on East ridge

4.6 make right on Scout Hill after descent.

4.8 Left on canyon trail back to car.

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