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Ride Description

Peters Canyon 2 is a more robust version of Peters Canyon 1 because of the additional climbing. This loop includes the grueling and steep climb up Big Red, but thankfully it’s short and quick. Continue on through the East Ridge and use your momentum as you make your way though the rolling ridge. Descend the singletrack and head back to your car. It ‘s a short loop, but always fun to ride.



Distance: 5.89 mi
Time: 38:26
Avg Speed: 9.2 mph
Elevation Gain: 650 ft
Calories: 501 C
Avg Temperature: 65.2 °F

Driving Directions

-5 freeway
-exit Tustin Ranch Rd and head East 2.7 miles
-Pioneer, turn left on Pioneer and make a quick right at the end of the street
-Peters Canyon Dr, turn left
– Peters Canyon Rd ends and the trailhead is ahead

Parking Fee- none

Trail Directions

Stay on Peters Canyon Dr and cruise the paved bike trail until it ends. Go right towards the trailhead. You will notice a couple of port a potties at the entrance of the trail. Cross the wooden barrier and begin your ride.

0 miles- Your ride begins on Canyon trail. As you pass the intersection that leads to “big red”, the trail is going to begin a gentle ascent. Continue on the trail until it ends at a gate at approximately 2 miles.

2.04- Trail continues towards your left and begins with a small descent. Stay on the trail until it takes you out of the park to Canyon View Ave.

2.4- On Canyon View Ave make a left and head down for about 30 yards. You will notice that the trail continues on the left. Follow the trail until you get to the dirt, parking section. Cut across the parking area and pick up Lakeview trail.

3.2- As your are riding Lakeview trail, you are going to encounter a “Y” on the trail. Stay to the right of the “Y”. All trails lead to the same area but we like this loop the best. Stay on the trail and make a left when it ends on Skylark.

3.4- You have two small hills to get through. Climb the first hill and from there it is a straight shot down. Use your momentum to help you clear your next climb, which is steeper. Thankfully it’s only a few yards.

3.63- Go left for a few feet and descend the Lakeview loop (on right). The trail will take you back to Canyon trail. Make a right and then a slight left towards “Big Red”. The climb is fairly steep but short.

After climbing Big Red, you have two options: Head left and continue climbing. This will take you to East Ridge. Or you can go towards the right and head down the trail. Drop down a couple of times and make the short climb to East Ridge.

4.35- Head left towards East Ridge and ride the rolling ridge. Stay on this trail all the way until it ends on Eucalyptus.

5.45- Make a right on Eucalyptus and follow it back down to the trailhead.

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