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Ride Description

This particular loop starts from the eastern part of the park and begins by following Santiago Creek trail alongside some neighborhoods. After about a mile, you will begin an ascent via Oak trail all the way to the towers and enter the singletrack that takes you towards the Chutes. Instead of the Chutes though, you will descend Deer Trail, which comes up in less than 1/2 mile and circles back up to Bahram ridge. Your next descent will be on Mountain Goat, which will put you back on Santiago Creek. Although a lot of us ride Santiago Oaks specifically for the Chutes, this loop gives you some climbing and downhill variety through other trails. Nevertheless, it still offers a great workout, beautiful scenery, and a fun descent.



Distance: 7,08 mi
Time: 1:13:16
Avg Speed: 5,8 mph
Elevation Gain: 1.073 ft
Calories: 618 C
Avg Temperature: 71,1 °F

Driving Directions

-exit Katella of 55 frwy and head East 2 miles

-Cannon, turn left

-Serrano, turn right at 2.7 miles

-Mt. McKinley, turn right at 2.8 miles

-Park on right at 3.5 miles

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

Head down towards creek and enter Santiago Creek

.63 stay right on Santiago Creek. Becomes Ladybug trail.

.78 right on bridge and another right on Wilderness

1.11 left on Oak and begin climbing

1.90 after some good climbing you will encounter and observation point with benches to rest on. You can pick up a singletrack directly across the rest area or continue on Oak and head towards the right of road. Start climbing

2.27 pass hate and keep climbing towards towers

2.61 at top. Enter trail towards left of towers and continue until you reach Deer trail.

2.99 Enter and begin 1 mile descent.

3.99 switchback left and climb up to Bahram rd

4.29. Left on Bahram

4.96. Right on Mountain Goat and descend

5.26. Stay left at Y and continue on mt goat

5.63. Right on Santiago creek

5.66 right on Bobcat Meadows

5.95. Right on Oak

5.97. Left on Wilderness

6.28. Cross bridge make left towards Ladybug. Becomes Santiago Creek. Back to the car

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