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Ride Description

Santiago Oaks has everything a mountain biker can ask for, from technical downhills to some serious climbing. The Weir Canyon Loop is a beautiful and scenic addition to any ride within the park, and can be accessed on Barham ridge or next to Yucca ridge. It traverses through the Anaheim Hills area and has plenty of uphill and downhill sections. Be prepared to climb your way back up to the ridge after you loop around.


Distance: 12.72 mi
Time: 2:24:20
Avg Speed: 5.3 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,903 ft
Calories: 1,088 C
Avg Temperature: 75.0 °F

Driving Directions

From the 55 freeway exit Chapman and head east approximately 4 miles. Make a right into Trails End Lane (right across from Santiago Canyon College ) and head straight into Santiago Hills Park. Park here. Ride back to Chapman and head right. On Jamboree make a left. Cross Newport Dr and enter the trail straight ahead.

Trail Directions

.70 enter park and head straight on Santiago Creek Trail

.90 enter the singletrack on your left. As you are weaving through this network, stay towards the right the whole time. The objective is to get back on Santiago Creek trail

1.12 Continue to stay right

1.61.Continue to stay right

1.77 Straight to the Chutes Trail entrance on left. This is where the climbing begins.

2.17_Continue straight on Chutes trail and keep making your way up until you reach Barham ridge.

2.83 right Barham ridge

3.32 pass Deer Canyon on right

3.47 enter Anaheim hills trail on your right and begin a killer descent.

4.35 rest spot

4.52 exit and enter Weir Canyon trail on right. Begins with a brief climb.

4.62 Stay towards the right of the trail at the Y

6.02 Sharp right at another Y on Weir Canyon trail and continue. The trail also continues up but head right for complete loop. Stay on the trail and enjoy a series of downhills as you make your way through the canyon. It’s not all downhill fun as there is some tough climbing, especially as you make your way back up.

7.45 Continue straight as you pass deer weed trail on your left.

7.81 Drop into Anaheim Hills and stay left on Weir Canyon

7.84 right on Old Weir Canyon. You can also go left on Weir Canyon as it leads to the same place. Exit into neighborhood and go left to enter trailhead (Anaheim Hills Trail)

8.42 back to Anaheim hills trail

9.15 Straight. Pass Deer Canyon on right and climb back to Barham ridge

9.46 left on Barham ridge

9.61 stay on Barham towards right

10.1 head down the Chutes Ridgeline trail. This is the most technical section of the ride.

10.8 cross creek and head up short but steep climb. Stay right.

11. Right on Roadrunner and stay towards left on singletrack network. After you cross the creek the trail will put you back on Santiago Creek trail.

12.7 end of ride.

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