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Ride Description

Skyline is a fantastic ride, full of beautiful Santa Ana mountain scenery that begins in Corona and ends at Beek’s point. It is a fire road that climbs and climbs, but is full of singletrack diversions that you can ride all the way down. Some of the singletrack can be a bit steep and rutted so use extra caution when coming down. Or you can come back down the same way, which is also a fast and fun descent. At one point, Skyline was accessible to motor vehicles, but due to drivers going over the mountain, it has been closed off to the public. You can see the aftermath of the accidents, as some vehicles are visible on the side of the mountains. Still, County work vehicles are permitted so be on the lookout and use caution as you ascend or descend Skyline.


Distance: 11.89 mi
Time: 1:43:41
Avg Speed: 6.9 mph
Elevation Gain: 2,288 ft
Calories: 1,073 C
Avg Temperature: 76.6 °F

Driving Directions

From the 91 freeway, exit Lincoln and head south. Drive for approximately 2.6 miles and make a right on Foothill Pkwy. Drive for 0.6 miles and park on Foothill. If you park in one of the neighborhoods, you will require a resident parking sticker. Head left on Trudy and make your way towards the end of the neighborhood. You will catch skyline from there

Alternate parking area
From the 91 fwy, exit Lincoln and head south for approx. 2 miles. Make a right on Ontario. Make a left on Mangular and drive to end of street as it curves and becomes Chase. Skyline will be on your right side, next to the riverbed. Park on the street and take Skyline from here.

Trail Directions

Starting from the parking area, you are looking at approximately 5 miles of riding, with about 4 of that being climbing. This is your straight out and back ride so it is easy to navigate. The trail can be on the steep side, but the grade is easily ridden.

At the 4 mile mark, you do descend into a saddle and get a little reprieve, but you will quickly resume climbing as you approach the Main Divide road on the right. Make sure you continue straight on Skyline for another ½ mile or so until you reach Beek’s point. The final push is here, as you make the last climb up to the Doppler. The last climb of the ride also happens to be the steepest and longest so have fun with it! Make your way down via the singletrack network or the same way you came up.

Note: Blackstar Canyon can be seen from Beek’s point, and Sierra Peak is accessible through the Main Divide, which you rode past to get to Beek’s point. The ride to Sierra Peak is approximately 3 miles from the Main Divide, and is a great ride as well.

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