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Ride Description

This loop is my favorite after work ride for many reasons. It’s only 7 miles and it has a perfect combination of trails. You get your steady, extended climbing on well-maintained fire road, some killer single track, a fast downhill ride on Telegraph, and one last brief, but tough climb to complete the loop. In about an hour or so, you are done and you get a great workout. There is plenty to enjoy and explore in Chino Hills state park including classic trails like Raptor Ridge, North Ridge, Bane Canyon, and Scully Ridge, just to name a few. The South Ridge loop is also great for the beginning to intermediate rider who is looking to take their skills to the next level.


Intermediate- Some tough climbing

Distance: 6.94
Time: 45min-1.5 hrs
Calories burned: 500-600.
Average speed of ride: 7-9 mph

Driving Directions

91 fwy
Exit Imperial Hwy and head north (towards Yorba Linda)
Turn right on Kellogg
Turn right on Yorba Linda Blvd
Turn left on Fairmont
Turn left on Rim Crest
Drive to end of the street and park
Trailhead is straight ahead.

Trail Directions

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As you head towards the South Ridge trailhead, go right on the trail. Your climbing begins immediately. The beginning of this ride has an extended climb so pedal and enjoy the rolling hills for the next 2.5 miles. You will get a few moments of reprieve as you make your way towards the San Joaquin hills so use your momentum as you approach the short, but fairly steep climbs.

At approximately 2.5 miles, make a left on the Bovinian Delight trail. It’s a steady descent through the canyon and it will require you to weave your way in and out. ½ mile into the Bovinian trail, it’s going to become a double track. Continue to ride as the trail curves around and becomes a singletrack again. Continue on Bovinian trail, and in about ½ mile the trail will take you directly to Four Corners on Telegraph Rd. This is the central area of Chino Hills state park and you will likely see other riders taking a rest here.

Make a left on Telegraph Rd. This is the part where you put your bike in third gear and race your friends for the next 2 miles. Telegraph Road is nice and wide and offers a gentle, downhill grade descent. Ripping down this trail is exhilarating and it’s easy to use your momentum to gain speed. Do be mindful of riders coming in the opposite direction as you crank down this tree-lined canyon towards Little Canyon Trail.

At approximately 5.7 miles, you will see the steep, Little Canyon Trail on your left. Make a left here. This is the longest and toughest climb of the ride. Fortunately, this trail is just under half a mile, but you get to experience it towards the final stages of this loop. Strong riders should be able to complete this climb without bonking out. After a few attempts, all of you will conquer this section.

Little Canyon trail ends at the top of South Ridge and make a right. Retrace your way back to your car.

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