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Ride Description

Fontana is best known for its downhill racing and multiple mountain biking events that take place throughout the year. Most notably are the US CUP, and Kendra CUP, which attracts some of the best riders in the sport. Because of its popularity, it is a must that we include Fontana in our arsenal of places to ride, and it does not disappoint! We like to pick up the trail from Southridge Park, but the options of trails to ride are vast. The trails do not have names or trail markers, so it really is a matter of exploring the terrain and figuring out what works for you. Nevertheless, there is plenty of good climbing to get positioned at the top, and of course, the descents are worth it.



Distance: 5.25 mi
Time: 51:26
Avg Speed: 6.1 mph
Elevation Gain: 702 ft
Calories: 340 C
Avg Temperature: 83.8 °F

Driving Directions

15 North
60 East
Exit Mission Blvd/Country Village Rd
Left on Mission Blvd (becomes Mulberry)
Right on Cherry Ave
Left on Live Oak

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

We start in the Southridge Parking lot and make our way towards the right of the park if you are facing the mountain directly. Head towards the homes and ride along the white wall backing to the homes to the left. There are more trails that head towards the left but ultimately lead towards the edge of the park, which is lined by a wall separating it from the residential area. In less than a mile you will cross the paved road.

.73 Upon crossing the paved road, there is a single-track on the right side, which was our first descent. Nothing too crazy here, as most of the trails are not too technical. Once you reach the bottom, stay on the fire road and head right until the second 3-corner junction then make a left to make your way back to the paved road. As of this writing, this section is very sandy, but as you begin to ascend, it trail levels out. You have one short, steep climb, and once complete, head left back to the paved road.

2.2 Once you reach the paved road, head right and begin climbing towards the water tower. It’s a short climb so you will be up there in minutes. Stay on the inside/right side of the tower and begin climbing until it ends at a very steep, unclimbable mountain (at least on a bike). Catch the single-track on the left and begin another descent. After this descent, make your way down the fire road to the right and turn back after a short ride heading towards the wall/neighborhood, and pick up the trail adjacent to the wall (and riverbed) and head back until you reach the paved road. Turn right down the street and pick the wide dirt path along the homes to the left. Stay on this path for approximately 1.5 miles back to the park. The ride back is relatively flat.

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