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Ride Description

This ride begins in Laguna Beach, takes you into Aliso Wilderness park, and back to Laguna. The reason we ride this loop is to catch the world famous Rock It trail, which is a sweet descent through windy single-track and beautiful rock formations. It looks more intimidating than it is, but it can easily be navigated. Afterwards, take Coyote Run to Canyon Wood for a quick stop at Dripping Caves, and check out where Orange County’s bandidos would hide out from the law. After this, the climbing begins and it is brutal! The first climb comes straight out of Dripping Caves, and although short, it is steep. You’ll catch short break when you reach the top and descend down to Mathis, but then you will be faced with a tough, steep, one and a half mile climb back to Alta Laguna Park. Isn’t that why we ride though!?



Distance: 6.56 mi
Time: 1:01:18
Avg Speed: 6.4 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,004 ft
Calories: 570 C Avg Temperature: 81.9 °F

Driving Directions

5 South 133 South (approx 9.5 miles) Left on Forest Stay straight to go onto 3d st Left on Park (1.8 mi.) Left on Alta Laguna Blvd.

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

Head down the West Ridge rd trail from Alta Laguna park

.58 – Stay Left on West Ridge rd and keep descending.

1.59 – Right onto Rock It

2.92 – Straight and slightly right on Coyote Run

3.78 – Trail ends at creek and make a left, Be prepared to make a quick right on Canyon Wood

3.82 – Right on Canyon Wood

4.16 – Right on Dripping Cave

4.36 – Continue on Dripping Cave and begin to climb. It is semi-short and you will descend to Mathis from there.

Head straight onto Mathis and climb some more.

5.95- Left on West Ridge rd. Keep climbing back to the park.

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