Whiting Ranch II - Foothill Ranch

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Ride Description

This loop begins on Glenn Ranch Rd and offers a bit more climbing than Whiting 1. After climbing up to Dreaded Hill, descend and catch Cactus Hill to the Sage Scrub trail and descend some more into the canyon. From Serrano Cow you will catch Live Oak trail for some final, single-track fun, before its time to for one final ascend back to the car.



Distance: 6.67 mi
Time: 1:30:51 Avg Speed: 4.4 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,047 ft
Calories: 563 C Avg
Temperature: 68.3 °F

Driving Directions

From LA/OC
Take the 5 south and exit Bake/Lake Forest Rd. Exit either Bake or Lake Forest and make a left. Take all the way to Portola and make a right. On Glen Ranch Rd make a left. On Definition Rd make a right and park along the street.

Trail Directions

(hover over steps for images – some steps may not have images)

Enter Coyote Brush off

.86 Right on Line Shack and climb toward the towers. Head towards the trail marker.

1.04 Right on Line Shack and descend. Stay on Line Shack as you reach the bottom of the canyon.

1.54 Left then a quick right on Whiting Rd. Climb to 4 Corners.

2.38 Head back down Whiting rd for a few yards and catch Cactus Hill on your left. It comes up fast and quick.

2.93 Right on Santiago Ranch.

3.26 Right on Sage Scrub.

3.53 Sage Scrub connects with Sleepy Hollow. Continue straight. Trail will end at Whiting Rd and make a left. Go left at end of Whiting rd.

3.79 Right on Line Shack.

3.99 Right on Srrano Cow.

4.71 Left into Live Oak. This whole ride is fantastic but this is my favorite singletrack section of this loop.

5.12 – Left on Raptor and briefly climb back to Dimension st.

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