Santa Ana Mountains

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    Caspers Wilderness - Santa Ana Mountains

    Casper’s wilderness park sits on over 8000 acres of beautiful terrain within the Santa Ana mountains. The park can be accessed from the main entrance off Ortega highway or from Dove Ave in Coto De casa. You can get right into bell canyon and make your way up the east ridge for a quicker ride and loop, or you can do longer, more grueling loop starting in Coto. The first few miles are generally down hill with plenty of short, steep climbs. Head down on star rise trail until you reach bell canyon. There is a tough steep climb going up towards east ridge but the ride down is worth it. Cruise along the campground for about a mile and get back on dirt. The second half of this loop is ascending about 7.5 miles all the way back to your car. Its a long jaunt so bring drink, food and proper gear (tools).