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    Turnbull Canyon - Whittier

    Turnbull Canyon is a popular spot in the city of Whittier, lined with hikers and bikers, and its part of the Puente Hills Reserve. The parking on Turnbull Canyon is confined to a small dirt area so that can be a challenge, especially on the weekend. You need a resident permit to park in the local neighborhoods, so your next option is to park a few blocks away and ride up the street to the trail-head. This loop is a great combination of sun exposed, fire road climbing, with a shade filled loop when you get to Ahwingna. There are plenty of other trails to explore within Turnbull, with lots of additional climbing to be had, but this particular loop gives you a good idea of what you can expect within this park. It gives you views of the Hsi Lai Temple and Rose Hills Memorial park as you traverse your way up and down the park. There are a lot of stories pertaining to this park, in particular stories of hauntings. A lot of the locals will tell you that it is mostly urban legend, but it definitely adds to the mystique and history of the place.